Mindo Loma Lodge Noroccidende de Pichincha Ecuador

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Meet the nature …and enjoy the opportunity to identify more than 300 birds.

Why Mindo Loma?
Mindo Loma was created 20 years ago with the main goal of protecting the cloud forest on the western slopes of the Andes in the country of Ecuador.

This unique environment is host to such biodiversity. It was a shame its destruction was inexorable. Through ecotourism we have found a sustainable way to not only preserve but also share the inmense beauty of many living species, some critically endangered.
Please visit and we will do our best to help you experience and enjoy one of the more beautiful lesser know jewel of the cloud forest.

Vía Calacalí - La Independencia km 73

Teléfonos: 098 119 3846 - 0994228204 - 0997322850

San Miguel De Los Bancos, Pichincha, Ecuador
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