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Hummingbird Feeders
Tanager Feeders
Bird Watching
Walking Trails

All rooms are confortable with private baths and hot water all the time. We can comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests. All the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are Included in the price.
 The food is typical Ecuadorian fare but we are glad to make special meals for unique  dietary needs: gluten deficiency, vegetarian, kosher, etc.
 Our  Mission very little of our resources are splent in official marketing. Our best advertisement is your complete satisfaction.
 We are  commited to guaranteeing you and your family:
 ·         An experience of a lifetime
 ·         A communion with nature
 ·         An understanding of the ecology of the rain forest
 ·         An inmersion with Ecuadorian culture and hospitality.

How to find us
Mindo Loma is located 73.5 km from Quito
 On the highway to la Independencia via Calacalí.
 The sign leading to the refuge will be on the left.


Through much affort our family has created a cozy Lodge, where you can experience at close encounter many different birds. Our speciallity  is hummingbirds for whom  we have plenty of feeders  on our confortable Balconies.
They are not only designed for bird watching but also for very rewarding bird photography.
The mountain tanagers, that ordinarily are so difficult to observe in the wild, have become unafraid of our family and visitors. The famous black-chinned tanager is a regular visitor and some other species of birds that are our  regular visitors.
Hummingbirds with their hypnotists colors are constantly visiting the feeders.
We have registered more than 20 different species.
The Velvet-purple Coronet is one of the most abundant, but we also have hummingbirds of other varieties due to the confluence of two important ecological zones: the chocó and the Andes.
Spectacular bird watching from the balconies it is possible regardless of the weather.
The well-marked and maintained trails are ready for an easy walk to observe more birdlife.



Vía Calacalí - La Independencia km 73

Teléfonos: 098 119 3846 - 0994228204 - 0997322850

San Miguel De Los Bancos, Pichincha, Ecuador
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